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We are a an SEO agency working with clients all around the world. Our search engine optimisation helps our clients drive brand engagement, increase conversions, acquire new customers and increase profitability.

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You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. Have you invested money into designing a beautiful website and have devoted plenty of time toward making your presence known on social media? So why aren’t you getting results? Simple. Because without the right SEO strategy in place, your customers can’t find you on Google.

The fact is, 85% of people use search engines to find businesses, services or products. That means if your website isn’t showing up high enough in the search results, you are losing money. We know what SEO is and how to get your business the exposure it needs in the search engines.

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Since TSS took over our SEO we have seen a huge increase in consultations booked to see our surgeons, which has further led to an increase in sales. They are so knowledgeable, it’s like they know what is going to happen before it does because everything they said has mysteriously come true.[/apress_testimonial.

Jane Anderson

We were stuck on page 3 when using our old SEO company but after switching we are already seeing movement. I am very happy and looking forward to the future now and can see a real potential for the return on investment.

Tom Hartford

Tactical SEO services really know what they are doing when it comes to getting your website to be on page 1 for certain keywords, my website was stuck on page 2 for a year and now has jumped to page 1. They have told me it will go to position 1 and that this will increase the amount of people contacting me for my service.

Annie Garrison

SEO services

Here are some of the most vital search engine optimisation services and why they are imperative:


Nowadays, SEO is a race, with the reward being ranked at the top on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, to stand a chance of getting there, you need to first take a look at the competition. You can be able to find out which techniques your competitors are utilising to drive their search engine optimisation efforts for certain keywords. You can then begin to plan how to get above your business rivals. This is known as SEO analysis and it is one of the most essential services and an excellent way of getting your marketing campaign off the ground.


If you are going to rise up the rankings on the search engines, optimised content is a must, and it means proper incorporation of your primary keywords in the right places and creating high-quality content. It ideally involves HTML code optimisation, improving navigation and creating internal links. It’s an essential SEO service that you should always consider when launching any campaign.


These are simply links from other sites that direct back to yours and are a crucial factor in how high your site ranks on the search engines results pages or SERPs. Link building is, therefore, an imperative service that you should consider if you want to generate business online.

However, not all links are equal. You should use an SEO services provider that focuses on high-quality links from authoritative sites, rather than many links from sites that do not even rank high in the search engines. High-quality links can really give you a significant boost.

Use search engine optimisation to your advantage

SEO services are vital for ranking in Google and other search engines as well as driving more traffic. However, this is an aspect that should not be done blindly. The only way to ascertain that your efforts count is by running a focused and dedicated SEO campaign, by incorporating all the things mentioned above.

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